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Many exciting new ideas and products emerge in an innovative environment. Unfortunately, many of these businesses fail before they have a chance to truly mature - sometimes because the prospect of becoming an 'entrepreneur', at least in the conventional sense, holds little appeal. Yet organizations structured and managed in line with new principles (Teal) often turn out to be the perfect fit for this new generation.

We help startups and more experienced entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.



Sometimes we are so inspired by a (new) business idea that we invest and participate or find an appropriate investor if needed.


This is how we can make dreams come true.


We believe sharing inspires. We CONNECT organizations and innovators. Exchange ideas, experiences, concerns and successes while DEVELOPING yourself and your organization at inspiring meetings and ‘out of the box’ workshops and training courses.​


Oryx is the initiator of a new global platform formed to develop the idea of Mastering Awareness (MA) in organizations and developing the Business-BMI Index.

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