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Sonja Roth
Mindfulness - Training-Coaching

Having a professional background in adult education, specialized in training and coaching, I worked for many years in leadership development, in collaboration with well-known corporate players and influential universities. 


Looking for a change, in 2007 I decided to move with my family to Canada, to a small village close to the capital, also intimate close to nature and the seasons.


This new experience opened up my mind to evaluate how to better deal with life challenges and to do the things I really want to do. I started to practice and teach mindfulness, connecting it to all the knowledge and expertise I already have, and to apply it in a professional context. The benefits and changes are truly amazing. 


I found what really inspires me most: using the full potential of ourselves to dive into this great adventure of change and to develop a much happier and healthier live – unfolding moment by moment.

Books I like

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