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Organizations advance along an evolutionary spectrum toward self-management, wholeness and a deeper sense of purpose. Oryx researches, develops and supports the implementation of new organizational forms. We help startups and established organizations -and their leaders- develop and operate as Teal organization and build well-connected Tealleadership.

Oryx is the initiator of a new global platform formed to develop the idea of Mastering Awareness (MA) in organizations

MA Organization


An MA Organization is a Teal organization that continuously strives to develop and realise the full potential of its team using the MA process. 


An MA organization is inspired by an MA-leader and has MA keepers who inspire, monitor and facilitate the MA process. There is no hierarchy as we know it and functions are task-oriented. 


The ‘presencing’ process (Theory U), which fosters inspiration, development, connection and innovation, applies throughout the organization


Footprint monitoring is automatically embedded within MA organizations. The goal of every MA organization is to have a lasting positive impact on the world.

Business-BMI   index

More about the Business-BMI index Q4 2018

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