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Marita van Herpen
Indep. Consultant

Today, for 18 years now, I was, and still am, intimately involved in supporting mainly healthcare organizations facing major changes. Over these years I've acquired a broad experience in the structure and quality of organizations and in many different aspects of running a business.


My keyword in life is flexibility because it increases the freedom of movement. Flexibility is not only important for our body to keep it healthy and to prevent injuries. Flexibility is just as important for our minds, how to deal with the things that constantly change, how to not constantly react to distractions. Flexibility is vital for us to face our daily challenges. As an individual but also for an organization.

Without flexibility, we typically break instead of bend when faced with the pressures of an ever-changing world. If we break, we simply cannot complete our purpose. As an entrepreneur, you pride yourself and your organization on being flexible, adapting to changes in the situation, and making do what you have to do to achieve your (business)purpose.


I love to inspire, motivate and support entrepreneurs and their organizations to create more freedom of movement. To work on their (business)purpose, to do what they enjoy, what makes them happy. So that they can shine, excel, distinguish and inspire others.

This is my way to create flexible organizations where it’s a great place to work and that can keep on the move in this ever-changing world of ours. In order to refresh and renew existing organizations I like to look for ideas that are out-of-the-box, but first I look especially at which beautiful things are already IN the box which have not yet reached their full potential.

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